FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

The car rental can be booked either by email, phone, social network (WhatsApp, Viber), as well as in the office through the operator.
To book car rental, you need to know the exact date and time when and where the car should be parked, a photo of the driver’s license and the lessee’s passport are required.
The price includes: car delivery at the desired location, car insurance, city parking, car washing, car returning at the desired location.
One can pay both in cash and via credit card, bank transfer (in USD, EUR, GEL).
In case of crossing the borders of Armenia and Azerbaijan you should notify the Company 3 days prior the border crossing in order to prepare your permit the cost of which is $ 55.
The car can be delivered anywhere throughout Georgia - Kutaisi $ 50; Batumi $ 70; in case of different location, please contact the Company.
The car is 100% insured, and in the event that other cars are also damaged in the accident, the insurance company will indemnify for damage to other cars in the amount of up to $ 50,000. In Georgia, no insurance company reimburses the cost of damaged tires and lost keys.
The company recommends maps.ge and google map.
Parking in Georgia is paid, but the Company has purchased an annual pass for all its cars and you are free of parking fees.
It’s possible at any time, but outside of normal working hours you should pay $ 10.